Alerting on “Bootbank cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank’” in vRealize Operations

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If you boot your ESXi hosts from SD-cards or USB you might have run into this issue. Suddenly your host(s) displays the following under events:
“Bootbank cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank’.”

Usually this means that the boot device has been corrupted somehow, either due to a device failure or other issues. Normally the host continues to run, until it’s rebooted that is…

For some reason, vRealize Operations doesn’t pick this up as a host issue that it alerts on, so if your alerting regime is based on vROps alerts, you might not get alerted immediately. Thankfully there is a way to remedy this, and have vROps and vRealize Log Insight work together at the same time.

On order for this to work, you need to have configured the vRealize Log Insight Integration with vRealize Operations first.

Log in to Log Insight and search for “Bootbank cannot be found at path ‘/bootbank’.”.

Click on the little red bell icon and select “Create Alert from Query”.

This will bring up the “Edit Alert” window, where you can define your information.

Create a proper Description and Recommendation for the alert, and enable “Send to vRealize Operations Manager”. You also need to specify a Fallback Option.