And now for something completely different

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I have worked for my current employer Zen Internet for  3.5 years.  Over that time I have changed roles from what was originally a customer focused role into a role with one of the core platform teams.  This has meant looking after the majority of the Internal and customer Virtual platforms.  During this time Zen has undergone a number of large migration programs and countless smaller ones. Some of the big ones include:

Core ISP network refresh Microsegmentation rollout Nutanix integration

I have been lucky enough to be involved with all of these ( some much more than others)  Although the work is never complete Zen are in a good place.

At the same time, my personal circumstances have changed somewhat. My upcoming wedding and my fiancé not knowing exactly where she will be based meant having the freedom to be located anywhere ( within reason) was a huge win for me.

I was also looking for a role challenging me using some of the toolsets that I love but also being on the cutting edge of the various stacks.

And with that –  I am proud to say I am joining one of the big hitters,  awarded both the EMEA

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