Automated Tagging of VMware VMs & the Veeam Jobs that Use Them

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vSphere TagsI tend to rebuild my home lab a few times a year; sometimes it is to try out a new process (e.g. scripted installs, upgrade paths, etc.), but more often than not it is because I have broken something so bad that it is just easier to restart. As part of that, I usually try to restore some key VMs from backup. However, the bigger struggle there is keeping my backup jobs up to date.

I’ve been a fan of using vSphere tagging as a means to create backup jobs within Veeam for years now; that being said, I’m not always great at actually applying tags to my VMs (I know, shame on me). Recently, when I finally got around to performing some lab hygiene, I opted to get my vSphere tags in order. Long story short, I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what tags wasn’t an option when creating a new Veeam backup job, only to realize I am hitting the long-standing DPI issue.

After some “sympathy” from Joe Houghes, I opted to just create

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