AWS IoT Button

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AWS IOT Button Back Story:

My AWS Solution Archictect certification is due to expire in the next 6 months and given I have not done a huge amount with AWS since getting certified I thought it was worth kicking the tyres again and running a few bits and pieces within AWS. One of the first things I did was move my blog over to AWS lightsail.

In addition to the  above I thought I would purchase an AWS IOT button  and have a play. The setup for these is now MUCH simpler with the introduction of the iOS and Android  setup apps.

Part 1   Button setup to email

To start with I just wanted to do something easy so I set it up so that with a press of the button it would send me an email via SES  This was to get to grips with the button check I had the comms setup correctly etc etc. I chose to use one of the prebuilt python functions for this. It deliveries a basic email like the below.

Hello from your IoT Button G030PT026447H6A6. Here is the full event: {“batteryVoltage”: “1684mV”, “serialNumber”: “G030PT02XXX6A6”, “clickType”: “SINGLE”}

Part 2 IFTTT integration

Once i

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