AWS Lightsail

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AWS Lightsail

I have been running this blog on-top of some of my Infrastructure at home but the performance ( due to my connection) has never been stunning.

So I decided to move it over to an AWS Lightsail instance to investigate more about the newer VPS service from Amazon and to hopefully help anyone that wants a read.

Assuming you already have an AWS account getting a Lightsail instance up is very quick and incredibly easy.

Options exist for either Linux or Windows


Pricing is also very straightforward


I chose to go for the $10 a month Instance running Ubuntu with Plesk Included

Once you have decided what you want decide what AWS region you want ( Not all are currently available) I have gone for Ireland



Then your Instance OS and App

Pick the instance  spec/price and then give the instance a name and click Create


A few minutes later you will have a running instance

A public IP will be allocated  and on a Linux server SSH HTTP and HTTPS will be open by default


In summery.  Its not as complex as EC2 but the beauty is

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