Cloudflare Setup for WordPress Users

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I have been a huge fan of Cloudflare since they first came to my attention.  I did a post on them a few years ago. They do an excellent job of improving web performance and increasing security. I also find Cloudflare’s Blog a fascinating read

I saw a tweet by Chris Wahl recently where he talked about a Cloudflare firewall rule he is using to protect his WordPress instance.

I am using something similar in the Firewall section and also leveraging a couple of other cool features.

Chris has done an excellent write up on the firewall part including how to achieve this with Terraform so for the detailed look check out his blog post here for a slightly simpler version see below.  This post will talk about some of the other features I am using to improve the Speed, Security and functionality of my site.

Firewall Rules

The most important thing when hosting a WordPress site is to protect the admin section.  This should be done with a strong password and preferably two-factor authentication.  However, if you can stop people even accessing this part of the site then even better.  If you are using Cloudflare then this is easy to achieve.

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