Configuring Veeam Backup & Replication SOBR for Non-immutable Object Storage

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Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) currently makes use of object storage through the concept of Scale-Out Backup Repositories, SOBR. A SOBR in VBR version 11 can contain any number of extents as the performance tier (made up of traditional repositories) and a single bucket for the capacity tier (object storage). The purpose of a SOBR from Veeam’s point of view is to allow for multiple on-premises repositories to be combined into a single logical repository to allow for large jobs to be supported and then be extended with cloud based object storage for further scalability and retention.

There are two general modes for object storage to be configured in a SOBR:

Copy Mode- any and all data that is written by Veeam to the performance tier extents will be copied to the object storage bucketMove Mode- Only restore points that are aged out of a defined window will be evacuated to object storage or as a failure safeguard only when the performance tier extents reach a used capacity threshold. With Archive mode within the Veeam UI the restore points all still appear as being local but the local files only contain metadata that points to where the data chunks

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