Connecting Oracle Ravello applications with VeeamPN and Elastic IP’s

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If you are not familiar with the concept of an application in Ravello, it is a grouping of virtual machines that run in a defined region (notice I avoided saying container there, could become even more confusing). A region is a geographic location where there are compute resources available. Pretty much every public cloud operates in this fashion. A region will be a location in a country and within each region are usually availability zones, which is a grouping of datacentres close to each other in that region to help protect against datacentre failure.

Anyways, I have some applications running in different regions that I would like to connect with software-defined networking. The only tool I have any kind of familiarity with is the free tool, VeeamPN. Check out the webpage for further info and just ignore the fact it says it’s for Microsoft Azure, its available as an OVA download. VeeamPN is a site to site and site to client VPN software based on OpenVPN. I am going to use it to create a Site to Site VPN between 2 Oracle Ravello regions to simulate a production and a disaster recovery location.

So let’s look at that other thing I put

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