Considerations when choosing a new product to sell

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selling-technology Background

This is a collection of my thoughts and experiences from working in the IT reseller space. Finding something new to sell is easy, finding the right thing to sell is rather more difficult. I am putting this blog together as an example of what I have found to work and importantly what does not work. I am not a salesperson, I am a techie through and through but I do get involved in choosing products to sell and ultimately assisting salespeople to sell those products.

Build it and they will come

No, they won’t, or it is very unlikely they will. Trust me, I have made this mistake.

Let’s be clear here, there is a lot of information out there from vendors trying to sell their wares. They have marketing departments that will shine their product in the best light possible. This is all well and good, and it gives you a flavour of what the product is and what problem it is could solve for you, but do you really have that problem to solve in

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