DataCore MaxParallel for SQL Server – Whats that about then?

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I recently returned from Tech Field Day 15 where DataCore was giving the delegates an overview of their MaxParallel solution for SQL server. DataCore has a long established history in dealing with getting more performance from less with such products as SANSymphony and Hyperconverged Virtual SAN by leveraging Parallel I/O technology. At a very high level, this means that I/O requests in multi-core processor systems do not need to wait for the one core to complete a task before moving onto the next. MaxParallel for SQL server builds on this technology to deliver up-to 3X quicker response and 60% more transactions processed.

How does it work?

The exact mechanics of how this works is a closely guarded secret, I believe it is patent pending but don’t quote me on that. The solution though installs as an application on Windows server and runs as an upper-level filter driver. This allows MaxParallel to intercept the I/O requests and redistribute them in a parallel fashion, thus speeding up SQL transaction processing time. There is no waiting for one I/O queue to complete before moving onto the next queue. Word on the grapevine is it leverages a Least Recently Used caching mechanism to

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