Deploy Horizon Cloud on Azure – Part 1: Azure Environment Preperation

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I have found myself involved with a lot of projects focused around Microsoft Azure of late and one of those was to deploy Horizon Cloud on Azure. If you are new to Horizon, this is VMware’s End-User Computing offering that builds on top of the Azure public cloud platform. It is a virtual desktop environment that allows you to deploy both Windows and Linux desktops.

Microsoft does have their own offering called Windows Virtual Desktop, which to be fair looks like a decent offering and a lot of the license costs are rolled in with M365 licensing. However, if you are a VMware house, the simplicity, and flexibility offered by Horizon Cloud is compelling. You are not limited to deploying on a single cloud as you have options to deploy multiple desktop pods across Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, and your own private cloud to name a few. This means you can deploy desktop workloads in a location that makes sense for the business use case in terms of geographical location and from a cost standpoint. Let’s say for argument’s sake you are a business based out of the UK, but you need to stand up a small desktop pod

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