Deploy Horizon Cloud on Azure – Part 2: Deploy Horizon Cloud Infrastructure

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Following on from Part 1, Azure Environment Preparation, I take a look at the steps required to deploy the Horizon Cloud Infrastructure into Azure.

It is worth noting that to have access to the Horizon Cloud services, you need to have a Horizon Universal License. This gives you the flexibility to run Horizon in any supported environment. Be that Horizon on Azure, AWS, IBM cloud, or running Horizon on-premises with an existing VMware vSphere environment. The beauty of this is that with the single license, you can run workloads in all locations simultaneously if you wish, as long as the number of users accessing the platform is covered by the license. The universal license provides a lot of the functionality available in Enterprise licensing and more. Check out what is available here. Dynamic Environment Manager for profile management and App Volumes for dynamic application delivery are still included.


When you purchase universal licenses, access to the Horizon Cloud portal will be

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