Deploy Horizon Cloud on Azure – Part 3: Configure General Settings

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Following on from the previous two parts in the series, where we configured Azure and deployed the Horizon Infrastructure services, we will look at integrating with Active Directory and how to access the Horizon service.

Configuration Active Directory Integration

Before proceeding with this section, it is worth noting that we need at least 3 Active Directory accounts configured and one security group. They are used for the following purpose.

Bind account – Allows Horizon services to contact Active Directory using LDAP protocol. Does not need admin permissions, only read permission. Auxiliary bind account – The same as above, but a backup account. You can use the same account for both but it will generate a warning. Domain join account – This will be the account used to join desktop machines to the domain. This account should have enough privileges to perform this task. Horizon admin security group – A security group used to access the Horizon Cloud services.

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