Do I need SASE – Secure Access Service Edge?

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What is SASE I hear you ask?

SASE or Secure Access Service Edge as the acronym stands for is a combination of many existing technologies such as SD-WAN, Zero Trust Network Access, Cloud App Security Broker, Web Application Firewall, Anti Malware prevention and the list goes on and on.

It is an interesting idea, an all-encompassing, single pane of glass to rule most of your security requirements. Protecting both the edge devices and the core network. Check out this blog post from Gartner back in late 2019, about the time frame that SASE came to fruition.

So what’s the deal?

Search the web for SASE and see what info comes back. I guarantee you will find links from either traditional web security vendors OR traditional network security vendors, making an attempt to come together and offer an all in one product. You know everyone wants to end up in the top right-hand corner of the Gartner magic quadrant with the ability to execute and the completeness of vision.

Who drives this industry trend? I honestly don’t know, but you

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