DockerCon 17 EU – Through the eyes of a VMware guy

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I had the opportunity to attend the European DockerCon event with some of the guys from the Tech Field Day events. Docker and in particular containers is not something I have really looked at. I know what the concept of containers are and I have an idea of what Docker can do for containers, but that’s it. To give you my thoughts on what a container is, at a high level it is a way of abstracting an application or delivering a microservice in a self-contained bubble running on top of a common operating system. The container shares the common underlying kernel of the operating system but the container its self should not be able to break out of its bubble and interact directly with other containers. Docker is a platform on which containers can be packaged, secured and delivered amongst other things. Take a look at the What is Docker page for more info.

Eyes Wide Open

To say I was out of my comfort zone would be incorrect but I was in unfamiliar territory. I went into this event with the idea that a container is like a virtual machine but for applications. I quickly stopped believing that message and

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