driftar.ch is now serverless

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Some of you, my fellow readers, have probably noticed some downtime on my website yesterday. I migrated my blog to another hosting provider. That’s the only reason. You’re asking why? Well, I like a certain level of consistency in some areas of my interests. But in technology, especially in IT, the only consistency is constant change. So i decided to move my website (again).

How it all started…

It all began on Twitter when I joined a discussion about where to place the search bar or search field on a website:

Some for bloggers, in your theme it makes sense to have your search bar at the top. Doing some vExpert validation and have trouble finding the search bar often. If people hit the home page of your blog they will want to be able to find something quick usually, move it up!

— Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB) April 5, 2018

That led us to the conclusion that a website should have no clutter and no word / tag clouds. I agree with that, since it’s not up to date anymore. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion.

That was my goal when I did my design.
No clutter, no