Every Little Bit Counts: Helping Out While Working From Home

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With many of us being in a “work from home” situation these days, it’s had all sorts of crazy impacts. Up in my neck of the woods, gas hasn’t been this cheap in a long time … possibly since the olden days of the 1990s. Pollution has also been shown to be clearing up in parts of the world. And it has finally become the year of VDI.

All kidding aside, the World is going through something that we have nothing in living memory to compare it to: COVID-19. I’m not going to turn this into a “what you should do to stay safe” blog, as there are some great ones out there. (Spoiler Alert: stay home / stay away from others). But aside from staying home, I wanted to offer a couple of other suggestions of things to do that may help out the overall fight against COVID-19.


f@hLots of us geeks probably are familiar with the SETI@Home project from quite a while back. If you aren’t familiar with it, SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) came

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