Exploring new horizons

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The last few weeks, and probably months, it was very quiet on my blog. I hadn’t much the time to investigate, test and try out and write things down. I had a more important focus the past few months. And i usually don’t bring up personal things on my blog. But with beginning with the 1st of March, I’ll explore new horizons. No, i’m not going for a long haul sail trip, nor a long holiday voyage. I’m switching my job.

The past

I worked now for nearly seven years at an IT company, started there as an IT supporter and made it up to IT system engineering through the years, with lots of learning, certification and dedication. My last employer was a value added reseller with many partnerships with various hardware and software vendors, on a very high level. The last few months i’ve spent with different customer projects, documentation work, teaching our internal service and support people and also my successor. I’m feeling confident that everything is fine and my former coworkers can get over “the loss”. Now it’s time for me to explore new horizons.

The future

It was clear for me, if the time will come