[FIX] Jetpack has locked your site’s login page

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This was a new one for me. I could not log in to my blog to make updates. You may have seen a page similar to this when logging into the WordPress admin portal. Jetpack has locked your sites login page.

The reason why this happens is if you have enabled Jetpack Brute Force Protection. The IP address you are trying to log in to your WordPress admin portal has been marked as suspicious and as such, you are blocked out from logging in. This can happen for several reasons, like most folks using the internet, it is unlikely you are accessing your blog admin portal from a fixed IP address, and rather have an IP address assigned by your ISP at the time of internet connection. There is some further reading here from Jetpack.

The fix

There are multiple ways to address this, but I found this one to be the quickest. You will need access to cPanel for this to work.

Log in to cPanel and navigate to your WordPress manager. Yours may be slightly different

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