Getting Started With S3 Compatible Object Storage

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Recently a good portion of my day job has been focused on learning and providing support for s3 compatible object storage? What is s3 compatible you say? So while Amazon’s AWS may have created the s3 platform at its root today is an open framework of API calls and commands known as s3. While AWS s3 and its many iterations are the 5000 pound gorilla in the room many other organizations have created either competing cloud services or storage systems that can let you leverage the technology in your own environments.

So why am I focusing on this you may ask? Today we are seeing more and more enterprise/cloud technologies have reliance on object storage. Any time you even think of mentioning Kubernetes you are going to be consuming object. In the Disaster Recovery landscape we’ve had the capability for a few years now to provide our archive or secondary copies of data to object “buckets” as it is both traditionally cheaper than other cloud based file systems and provided a much larger feature set. With their upcoming v12 release Veeam is going to be providing the first iteration of their Backup & Replication product that can write

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