Hindsight is 20/20: Evaluating 2017

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Keeping up with tradition (you thought I was going to say Kardashians there, didn’t you?), it’s time to evaluate 2017.

My list of goals for 2017 and the verdict is as follows:

Get that VCAP6-DCV Design exam out of the way
Done and dusted (for 6.5 that is, not 6.0). I’ve also updated my VCP to 6.5, and I’m currently waiting for the VCAP6.5-VCP Deploy exam.
Score: 10/10 AWS Associate Certifications
Didn’t happen. Haven’t done any of these, nor really studied for any of them (yet). Other certifications or time sinks have completely eradicated these.
Score: 0/10 Learn something new
This one is hard to gauge, but 2017 has definitely been a learning experience in many ways. Not all that much tangible and measurable items here, bit I’ll still rate it as medium. This category needs to be easier to assess for 2017.
Score: 5/10 Attend an industry conference
VMworld 2017 in Barcelona was awesome, as I expected.
Score: 10/10 vNinja.net
Well, the In The Bag series didn’t last that long, which was one of the main goals. I have kept posting whenever I feel like it, without any pressure, and in total I’ve posted more in 2017 than I did in 2016. I have a theory as to why there