How to restore to Azure with Veeam 9.5

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One of the features that have been available in Veeam for a little while is the ability to recover from any backup taken with Veeam, be that VMware, Hyper-V, Veeam Agent for Windows or Veeam Agent for Linux. Veeam takes care of any conversion process that needs to take place to get the virtual machine running in Azure.

This can be leveraged as either a disaster recovery solution or indeed as a lift and shift solution to move on-premises workloads into Microsoft Azure.

The how to.

Let’s jump straight into this. I have created a free tier account in Azure to demonstrate how to recover a virtual machine to Azure, if you do not have an Azure account already, you can head on over to here to create your own free account. I will take a look at configuring Veeam and Azure to allow this process to happen.

First things first, launch the Azure configuration wizard in Veeam.

Note the mention of Veeam PN. I will cover this off in another blog post.

Select the Azure Resource Manager option.

My first issue, I do not have Azure Powershell installed. this is a pre-requisite. You can click the

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