HPE Nimble Storage SFA. Whats that about then? Part 3 – Volume creation and presentation to Veeam.

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Nimble SFA Volume creation and presentation to Veeam

Following on from Part 2 – Initial array setup , of this blog series, we will take a look at how to create a new volume on the array and how to present it Veeam for use as a backup repository. There are a few considerations to make during the setup which I will cover here.


The SFA is block based storage. It does not run any file services like other traditional deduplcation appliances so with this in mind, the storage needs to be presented to the host using either a Fibre Channel HBA or iSCSI software initiator / HBA. I will be using the software initiator on a Windows server-based system as Nimble has a very nice iSCSI management interface that is part of the Nimble Windows Toolkit. The Nimble Windows toolkit also checks for any issues with Windows patches during installation as well as altering iSCSI timeout values etc. If a critical patch is not installed that may have an impact on iSCSI traffic, it will alert you to this fact.

Create a volume on the SFA

To create a volume, log into the array, click on Manage / Data Storage and