HPE Nimble Storage SFA. Whats that about then? Part 5 – A closer look at the deduplication.

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Nimble SFA – A closer look at deduplication.

Following on from part 4 – creating a Veeam backup job and what to look out for  of this blog series, we will take a look at how the Nimble deduplication works and some of the gotchas that I came across whilst evaluating the unit.

SFA Deduplication.

Lets have a look at the some of the high level specifications again for the Nimble SFA devices. I mentioned at the start of this blog series I have a SF100 at my disposal.

Up to date information about the SFA technical specifications can be found here. 18:1 reduction in data is currently being touted at time of writing.
Working with Nimble, when sizing the arrays we have been starting with a conservative 5:1 reduction in data on the array. We will see my real world figures later on in this blog post.

The Nimble SFA arrays offer global dedupe for any volumes created within a storage pool. The deduplication works at 4KB block size and is inline which means that the data is deduplicated as it hits the array, not stored in a landing zone and processed later. There is a great post here from