HPE Nimble Storage SFA. Whats that about then? Part 6 – Putting your backup data to work.

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Nimble SFA – Putting your backup data to work.

Following on from part 5 – a closer look at deduplication of this blog series, we will take a look at how the Nimble SFA helps to put your backup data to work.

What on earth am I talking about?

For me at least, it seems to have become a trend in the industry that simply storing ones backups in case of a disaster is not good enough anymore. If you think about, a backup in its simplest form will likely involve a process of copying data from one location to another and storing it in a propriety format. After that, the data just sits there until such a time that you may need to recover from the backup as the primary source of the data has an issue. If you are fortunate, the backup data is likely going to sit and do nothing until it has reached its retention policy and it is deleted again.

In the case of backup software like Veeam, those backups are very likely to contain a full copy of your production virtual environment, be that VMware or Hyper-V. Imagine what you could do if those backups