In The Bag #12 – Week 10 2017

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Welcome to the twelfth edition of In The Bag!

In The Bag #12 – Week 10 2017 Technology Cloud outages and the couch architects all over the world
Luca has written a great article about the recent AWS S3 outage, it’s sane, articulate and well worth a read. What’s New in VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.0
I’m a huge fan of the VVD, and the new additions in 4.0 are highlighted in this great video. Yes, Ransomware can delete your Veeam backups
Oops. Naturally, if your Veeam repository is available in the network, well, things like this might happen. Make sure to design accordingly. VMware Predictive Distributed Resource Scheduler
Another new video from VMware, explaining the new Predictive DRS feature. PowerCLI module for Proactive HA (including simulation)
Of course, this one has to come from William. Check out his new PowerCLI module for configuring and simulating Proactive HA in vSphere 6.5 Other ‘I thought I was smarter than almost everybody’: my double life as a KGB agent Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War
Amazingly long and thorough article by The New Yorker. Spend some time on this one. The death of rock and roll, part 1,368: The Donald, Foo Fighters first album, and exceeding expectations
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