In The Bag #13 – Week 11 2017

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Welcome to the thirteenth edition of In The Bag!
Photo by Patrick LindenbergIn The Bag #13 – Week 11 2017 Technology In-Guest UNMAP Fix in ESXi 6.5 Part I: Windows
Part II: Linux 
Cody Hosterman has tested the UNMAP fixes in ESXi 6.5, with great results. Glad this is back! High frequency of read operations on VMware Tools image may cause SD card corruption (2149257)
This one is important! If you’re running ESXi 6.0 from SD cards, make sure to check this. No patch available for 6.5 yet though. My Windows 10 Template Build Process
Sean Massey has published his Windows 10 VM template process, loads of great tips and tricks for tuning your VDI templates here. How to build a Windows 2016 VMware Template
An older article, but Michael White has a great guide on building a Windows 2016 template as well. 2-node vSAN topologies review
Newly appointed director Cormac goes through a couple of various 2-node vSAN topologies, and supported vSAN witness placement. vCenter 6.5b Resets Root Password Expiration Settings
I’ve verified this in my own lab as well, and I think it’s very unfortunate that this upgrade to vCenter 6.5b does this. Shout-out to Bob Plankers for discovering this. Other / Longreads A History and Future of the