In The Bag #9 – Week 7 2017

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Welcome to the ninth edition of In The Bag!

Photo by James SuttonIn The Bag #9 – Week 7 2017 Technology Setting the record straight on DRS, pDRS and Workload Placement
How does DRS and pDRS work, really? What metrics are the basis for decisions, and how often are the calculations done? Extending the Capabilities of vRealize Automation 7
Eric Shanks Pluralsight courses on vRealize Automation are great, and this new-one is no exception. Using vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vSAN for better visibility
I love logs. Perhaps not as much as my former colleague Espen, but still, logs are extremely useful. Even if there is no immediate fire or apparent problems, log files are important. Designing vSAN Networks – Why Should I Use the Distributed Switch?
The short answer is yes. The why, is clearly illustrated in this article Other Rush – Tom Sawyer Guitar, Drums, Vocals SIMULTANEOUSLY!
Wow. I’m having problems learning to play guitar, and that’s one thing at at time. Experience: I accidentally bought a giant pig
It’s just one of those things you know, the things that just happen…

That’s it for this week — Enjoy your weekend!