Integrating Pocket with Todoist via IFTTT

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Myles Gray asked me how I integrate Pocket with Todoist, after my How I use Todoist post, and the answer is very simple: IFTTT. If-This-Then-That lets you connect services, and create rules (or applets) that trigger based on events in those services, luckily both Todoist and Pocket are supported.

Now, there is a bit of overlap between how I use Pocket and Todoist, but I mainly  use Pocket to keep track of links I want to either read later, or use as basis for blog posts.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

I have two main IFTTT recipes that takes care of my integration between the two. Both of these use Pocket as the source, and Todoist as the target, I do not transfer anything from Todoist to Pocket.

IFFT Applets: “If new item tagged read, then create a task in To Read”

Simply put, if I tag something with the tag read in Pocket, it gets added to my “To Read” sub-project in Todoist. This allows me to quickly move a Pocket item into Todoist as an action item, with the complete URL. It does not assign a label, nor does it set a priority—but it allows me to have a nice link list in Todoist