“Invalid IP or Hostname” when setting up a NSX-V Syslog

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Yes, yes, I know … NSX-V is a little long in the tooth, but there is still a large install base out there. Additionally, it still has general support until 2022-01-16, and I fully expect there to be many customers still using it well after that date. With all of that being considered, I figured I would share this tidbit in the event that it helps someone else.


Recently, I was fiddling about in my home lab with the intent of testing some NSX-V related alerting with LogInsight. When setting up the syslog server in NSX-V Manager, I came across what appears to be a bug, albeit not documented. In short, if the second part of the FQDN used for a syslog server starts with a digit, you’ll receive the error “Invalid IP or hostname”.

NSX-V Invalid IP or HostnameSome quick testing / troubleshooting can quickly narrow the issue down to a digit being the first character in the second part of a FQDN. As pictured below, if I

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