Knowing, understanding, and valuing your audience

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Veeam 100As some of you may have heard, I recently made the next jump in my career, and in a move that shocked nobody who knows me, I am now working for Veeam. One of the biggest “cons” that was on my list while evaluating the opportunity was the fact that I would no longer be a part of the Veeam Vanguard, a program that I have the utmost respect for – for its mission that it is looking to accomplish, the fashion in how it strives for this, and of course the people.

All that being said, I was fortunate enough to be able to deliver my first in-person presentation in this role at the Veeam 100 Summit in Prague (which included my beloved Vanguards). For some background, Rick Vanover has a super simple way of classifying content: a traffic light.

Green – you are good to talk about this; it is or will be publicly available information Yellow – embargoed: you can talk about it after a specific date/time Red – this does not leave

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