Kubernetes basics – kubeadm token create –print-join-command

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Recently I’ve been using the fantastic resources to start learning Kubernetes (it’s the next big thing don’t you know). The course I’ve been following;

When running the command below, I lost connectivity to my master, which means I missed the print out of my join command to run on my woker nodes;

sudo kubeadm init --pod-network-cidr=

I was a little stumped how I get access to the print out again, and running the Kubeadm init, failed as initiation had already been done.

The fix for this was rather simple it seems by running the below;

kubeadmin token create --print-join-command

I was then given a new output to copy and paste to into my worker nodes. Don’t worry about the previous token that was issued, this will expire after 24 hours, which is the default timer.

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