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I have been meaning to post around some of lab setup for a while.   Although it changes frequently at present its as below.  I will add some pics when I have tidied up the lab/cables

My primary lab storage is all contained within a HP Gen8 Microserver.

Currently Configured:

1x INTEL Core i3-4130 running at 2.3Ghz

16Gb of RAM

4x 1Gb/s NIC

2x 3TB WD Red

2x Intel SSD 320 Series 80GB,  25nm MLC

This is running Xpenology.


I have the 4 Nics split into two LACP bonds.   One for the management traffic and one for pure NFS traffic.

The 2xWD Red’s are in a SHR configuration with the SSD’s running as a SSD read write cache

This gives me 2.6TB Useable which is plenty to lab and store photos and media and with the RW cache the perf is pretty dam good.

I also have a DS216+II Synology with 2x 2TB WD Red’s  this is my tier 2 lab storage. for backups ISO’s etc


I am running a few apps/containers on the Xpenology install as it has a lot more ram/processing power.

At the moment this consists of:

Docker – Gitlab

Docker – PHPipam



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