LUV:VUL – What happened to Veeam Instance Licensing?

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I wrote about Veeam Instance Licensing and it’s pros and cons back in April this year. The premise was great, the execution of it, not so much.

It was confusing to work out how many licenses you needed, what license edition you needed, would perpetual licensing go away, etc, etc. If you got past all of that though, it was a great model to help protect workloads in this Hybrid IT world we live in now, where data mobility is the norm. One license to rule them all, physical, private or public cloud, VIL had you covered.

Veeam Universal License

Enter VUL. One of the reasons I am passionate about Veeam is that they take feedback seriously and act upon it. I wasn’t the only one to make grumblings about the VIL model being too complicated. Veeam Universal Licensing takes the VIL concept and massively simplifies it, which I will get onto shortly.

Veeam is constantly expanding its product portfolio to cater to new workload types. It’s not just Hyper-V and VMware backups anymore, where licensing per CPU socket made/makes sense. There are physical workloads both Windows and Linux based, cloud workloads, NAS backup, to name but a few,

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