Manually Removing I/O Filters From vSphere

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A little while back I was playing around with the CDP feature coming in Veeam Backup & Recovery V11. One of the requirements to use it is installing an I/O Filter on your ESXi hosts. The filter is how the magic happens, and there is nothing unusual about this step. Many vendors have I/O Filters available for ESXi . But given that this is a homelab, I tend to do a lot silly things in there. In my case, I found that I was unable to vMotion a VM, which led me down a rabbit hole …

Heed this warning before ye wander further: If you find yourself needing to do any of the below, I cannot stress enough that:

you should have support request open with VMware (if possible) make sure you have backups for any data that may be affected make sure you test those backups HOW DID I GET HERE?

To start off, I found myself wanting to rebuild my home lab. While mucking about with my current vCenter, I found that I kept receiving some odd errors whilst poking around in vCenter. When I say odd errors, I’m talking about page

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