MFA it up a notch. Add an extra layer of security to a jump box with DUO MFA

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I have been evaluating Multi-Factor Authentication solutions recently and came across Duo on my travels. One of the things that grabbed my attention with Duo, in particular, was the free access tier for up to 10 users for personal use. Great! I have also had a niggling issue with my Ravello labs having open RDP access to Windows servers to gain access.

One of the applications that Duo can enable MFA for is RDP access although there are many more. Think about it, what is the primary access method for Windows virtual machines running in Azure or AWS? It is RDP. There is limited to no console support. All those virtual machines with open RDP access, just waiting to be taken advantage of. Adding an additional layer of security certainly is not going to hurt.


Sounds good, what next?

Hokay, so your interest is piqued? Cool, you need to sign up for a free account with Duo here. Sign up is a simple process, follow the steps below to create an account and get your phone set up as a soft token. I am using an iOS device for this.

Fill in your details.

Create a password.

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