Migrate virtual machines to new Synology NAS.

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I had a requirement to migrate my content from a Synology DS1621XS+ to a DS1621+.


Similar NAS, both 6 drives bays, just one is intel CPU based and the other is AMD. Now Synology provides guidance on the best way to migrate settings and data from an existing NAS to a new one, but all the available options did not quite work out for me.

Synology has a tool called Migration Assistant, which does just that, but the target NAS needs to have more available capacity than the source NAS, which I don’t have in this case so that plan was out. All I wanted to move was three virtual machines, so I thought why not try and create a Virtual Machine Manager cluster and move the virtual machines that way. Now I created a cluster fine, that part is straightforward, but to enable migration of virtual machine workloads, you need to pay for an additional Virtual Machine Manager Pro license, which again I don’t have. This is a one-off task, so I did not need that, although

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