Money Saving ( UK Version)

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I recently got back from an amazing conference in New Orleans. This was the VeeamON conference and I was invited as part of the Veeam Vanguard programme that I am part of.

A lot of the UK Vanguards all travelled out together and after numerous discussions, it became clear that a lot of them were paying more for UK and international banking. They were also not capitalising on the deals available for getting rewards where they did need to spend.

I will detail below what I currently do; who I bank with etc.  The deals I am on may not be available or right for you.   YMMV

I have split this across three posts as it’s very text heavy:

1. UK banking and rewards

2. Maximising credit card deals

3. Minimising costs when travelling


UK banking and rewards 

I currently have a number of UK current accounts

Barclays Bank (Main Account) This is my main account where my salary gets paid into.  Financially it is not an amazing account it pays 0 credit interest and is not very cheap if you go into the overdraft.  The overdraft is large (carry over from my student days).  Most of my direct debits are

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