Moving vSAN 6.6 cluster from vCenter 6.5 to vCenter 6.7

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A little bit of background for you folks, I wrote a blog post a little while ago on how to deploy a 6.5 VCSA appliance onto Oracle Ravello bare metal. On the back of this, I followed the vMusketeers excellent guide on creating a vSAN cluster on Oracle Ravello.

The issue I have now is at upgrade time, there is no easy way to upgrade the appliance from 6.5 to 6.7 as the VCSA installer expects to see an ESXi server that the VCSA appliance is running on. Running VCSA native on Ravello is not running it on an ESXi host, so the upgrade process fails. VCSA configuration backup and restore is also a none starter as the restore process has to restore to a VCSA that is the same version. If I really wanted to, I could create a backup of the VCSA running on Ravello, build another nested vCenter server on ESXi of the same build number and then import the config. This would then allow for an upgrade and export again back to Ravello.

The whole idea of the import/export was a step too far for me so I went ahead and built a new 6.7 VCSA,

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