Multi-Bucket Performance Tier Scale Out Backup Repositories in Veeam VBR v12

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As we come upon the end of the year, we are also getting closer and closer to Veeam’s latest release of their flagship product, Veeam Backup & Replication v12. Here at 11:11 Systems we have been testing quite a bit with the beta code as it has been released because there are quite a few features to really be excited about here. For me personally the biggest is being able to use object storage as a first hit repository and to be able to scale them out.

If you are not yet familiar with object storage now is the time. Object storage provides a good deal of native capabilities we’ve never had when using block-based storage (like volumes and partitions). These include:

Immutability Versioning Consumption based pricing model

What this means to your backup plans is that you will have more capabilities, while being more agile in pricing.

Flavors of Object Storage

There are several ways to purchase and consume object storage. The hyperscale cloud names you are probably most familiar with: Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web

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