My Home Office Setup & Upgrades

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Given the year that was 2020 and at the time of writing a distinct improvement appears a long way off I decided it was time to up my homeworking game. I bought a beautiful Dell 49″ monitor back in mid 2020 that has been the central focus of my homeoffice. With this setup I always had my trusty Macbook Air shut as I have no need for any more screen estate. This caused some challenges for video calls with the ever present Zoom/Teams as the webcam I was using was no longer available. I tried a few options to improve this but they were all a bit suboptimal. I decided to do a few drastic upgrades over the last month or so. This post is to show exactly what I’m running as of January 2021.

A few people have asked me exactly how I have my desk setup so this is an exhaustive list of everything on my desk, however not everything is a recent purchase.

I’ll start with the BOM. I have attached a link to where they can be obtained (If its an Amazon link it will be an affiliate link) and the price I paid.

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