My homelab got an upgrade – Intel Optane SSDs!

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I didn’t blog about it until yet because I didn’t have the time to install, test and troubleshoot. Also, I didn’t have much time for writing because I was busy with private and business things. But just recently I found time to do some homelabbing and test some things.

May I introduce you: Intel Optane SSDs!

A while ago, the vExpert community got the opportunity to apply for Intel Optane SSDs. I thought why not? They can always say no. So I applied for three Intel Optane SSDs. And I was one of the chosen ones. Sure, this sounds cheesy, but I don’t know how many vExperts finally got some disks.

Through the vExpert program, we had the possibility to choose between the 2.5″ U.2 P4800X 375 GB SSD or its PCIe counterpart. I applied for the U.2 disk. If only I had known what I was getting myself into…

But first: troubleshooting

It would be easy, I thought. Buying some U.2 to PCIe adapter cards, packing the SSD onto these cards, and installing everything in my homelab server. Well. This worked easily, with no problem. Who would have thought that massive troubleshooting would be necessary? Not me, at