New Host Family

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VMware Cloud on AWS has introduced a new host to its lineup the “i3en”. This is based on the i3en.metal AWS instance.

The specifications are certainly impressive packing in 96 logical cores, 768GiB RAM, and approximately 45.84 TiB of NVMe raw storage capacity per host.

It’s certainly a monster with a 266% uplift in CPU, 50% increase in RAM and a whopping 440% increase in raw storage per host compared to the i3. Most of the engagements I have worked on so far have discovered that they are storage limited requiring extra hosts to handle the required storage footprint. With such a big uplift in Storage capacity hopefully, this will trend towards filling up CPU, RAM & Storage at the same time. This is the panacea of Hyperconvergence.

The other two noticeable changes are that the processor is based on a much later Intel family. It is now based on 3.1 GHz all-core turbo Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake) processors. This is a much more modern processor than the Broadwell’s in the original i3. This brings a number of processor extension improvements including Intel AVX, Intel AVX2, Intel AVX-512

The other noticeable change is the networking uplift with 100Gb/s available to

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