NFS 4.1

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Switching on NFS4.1 In the Homelab


I like a number of Homelabers use Synology for storage.  In my case, I have two a 2 bay DS216+ and a 4 bay DS918 That I have filled with SSD’s

NFS has been the prefered storage protocol for most people with Synology for two main reasons the biggest being simplicity but it’s tended to offer better performance than iSCSI by all accounts.

For me, the performance (especially on the DS918+) is great with one clear exception.   That would be Storage vMotion. It’s not often that I move VM’s around but when I do its a tad painful.   This is because I only have Gb networking and NFS was limited to a single connection. However, it’s now possible to fix this…..

I have tried to find out when Synology officially supported NFS 4.1 but couldn’t find a reliable answer.  It has been a CLI option for a while but it certainly exists in DSM 6.2.1

The first thing to do is to make sure it’s enabled.


Then from vSphere create a new datastore

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