Nutanix Life Cycle Manager

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Nutanix Life Cycle Manager (LCM)

With the introduction of AOS 5 Nutanix introduced Life Cycle Manager (LCM),  something that Is one of the best but least known Nutanix features.  Put simply its part of the Nutanix update mechanism but for dealing with hardware rather than the software components.

To me what makes LCM stand out is its pure simplicity.  I have seen other solutions where it can be confusing to find out what hardware is on the HCL and then what firmware version is required and then the appropriate driver for that combination.   This becomes unmanageable at a large enough scale.   Where I currently work we have a mix of five different Nutanix node types of different hardware generations. ( All based on Supermicro hardware) . The below screenshots walk through an upgrade of one of these clusters.

The above picture demonstrates the simplicity,   It’s showing that at present the only update available is to the “Cluster Software Component”   Once this has been updated the next step is to perform an Inventory of your cluster.
LCM will then show you all of the components in your cluster and the relevant upgrades available.  If you work in a “Dark Site” .

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