Oracle Ravello Bloggers Day 2 – The why

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I am going to try something a little different here and start with why for the rather than what, after watching this TED video from Simon Sinek.  I made an investment in myself by attending this event on my own time to learn more about what Oracle Ravello has to offer. I believe in trying to better myself through further learning. From Oracles standpoint, I think it’s a quite simple why. Get a room full of 30 influencers, show them some cool stuff and watch the social media storm unfold.

But what if Oracle told you this? Hey, I can make your on-premises estates function quicker, more resilient, added security, cost less and ultimately easier to manage?

Are we at shut up and take my money yet? Probably not.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Ravello offer an environment, that delivers an on-premises experience running on public cloud style infrastructure, or that is the messaging at least.

Let’s take a look at some slides for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

So, how Oracle delivers on the promise as far as OCI is concerned. Continuous innovation, far reaches with technology, features enterprise want and familiar environment. We can see core IaaS features

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