Quick and Dirty – How to add a static route to Nutanix CVM

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My use case is that I have two Nutanix CE clusters connected with a VPN link. I have no ability to modify the routes on a router, so the next best thing is to set a static route on each Controller Virtual Machine (CVM). This will allow communication between clusters over the VPN.

How to do it

SSH onto the CVM management IP address. Default credentials are U: nutanix / P: nutanix/4u

Run an IFCONFIG and ensure that the CVM management IP address is associated with eth0. If it’s a different NIC, adjust accordingly.

Run the following.

sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0

Hit the INSERT key to start to enter text in the VI session.

Add your remote network details like so, replace gateway and subnet as appropriate:


The press ESC followed by :wq and return to save the file.

Then run the following to restart network services.

sudo service network restart

And you are done.

I followed the same procedure and created a route file for eth0:1 as well which is the cluster IP address. Repeat the above process on each CVM in the cluster



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