Scale Computing HC3 Cloud Unity – Whats that about then?

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I recently returned from Tech Field Day 15 where Scale Computing was giving the delegates an overview of their very recently announced HC3 Cloud Unity with Google Cloud Platform. I will be honest, up until setting foot in the fabulous Scale Computing office in San Francisco, all I knew about the company was the name and that they play in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure space, having coined the term themselves in 2012. What I quickly learned was that this solution is based on KVM hypervisor and is driven and managed from a simple to use web-based user interface. The simplicity of it all is what grabbed my attention.

Whats the premise?

In a nutshell, run virtual machines seamlessly both on-premises and in Google Cloud Platform without having to change IP addresses or any jazz like that. Pretty cool don’t you think?

How does it work?

The cross-platform part of this ties in nicely with Googles own announcement to allow nested virtualisation on their Google Cloud Platform. Scale Computing and Google worked together for 2 years prior to bringing this solution to the market. Check out the link from Google and you will see Scale Computing mentioned.

Nested virtualisation may sound like a crazy thing

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