Synology Active Backup for Microsoft 365

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Following on from my three-part series on setting up a Synology NAS, I thought I would take a look at some of the other functionality on offer. Most apps available on Synology are free of charge, their Office 365 backup being one of them.

Now I was keen to see what this offered as part of my day job involves scoping and positioning paid-for Office 365 backup solutions. Can Synology do just as good a job for free?

I typically deal with two types of Office 365 backup product, SaaS-based, in that you log onto a webpage, point it to O365 and then it just sorts things out for you. Or something deployed in a virtual machine but can make use of both local storage and object storage.

SaaS backup typically is limited in customisation but usually does the job for 90% of people. Roll your own allows you to do what you want with your data in terms of backup frequency and storage location.

So where does the Synology offering sit in amongst those? When writing this article, it is more of a roll your own solution but you are tied into creating backups on the NAS device

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