Synology DS1621xs+ – Part 2, RAID selection and virtual machine deployment

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Following on from part one of this blog series, where we unboxed the DS1621xs+ and applied some basic configuration to the NAS, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the disk RAID setup and carry some basic performance testing with and without the SSD disk cache feature. Out of the box, the RAID config is set up using RAID 5. I wanted to switch this to RAID 10 in an attempt to maximise performance, albeit at the cost of capacity.

Configuration Change of RAID type

As I mentioned above, the default RAID config on the NAS is RAID 5, I want to change this to RAID 10. First, we need to remove the existing storage pool, which is managed by the Storage Manager app.


Once that is gone, we can move onto creating a new storage pool.


I opted to stick with a

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